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Can You Choose Your Own Doctor During a Workers’ Compensation Claim?


You never expect to go to work and suffer a serious injury while you are there. In Pennsylvania, it happens all too often. Fortunately, most employees in the state are protected by workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation will provide you with benefits for your medical expenses and a portion of your lost income after sustaining an injury while on the job. However, the workers’ comp system has many different rules and a failure to follow them can result in a forfeiture of benefits.

One such rule regards the doctor you receive treatment from while injured. Many people think they can choose the doctor that treats them, but this is not necessarily true. Below, our Lehighton workers’ compensation lawyer explains more.

When You Must Use an Approved Doctor 

When your employer has chosen doctors to treat on-the-job injuries, you are required to use those physicians. This is the case when the following apply:

  • Your workers’ compensation claim was approved by your employer,
  • Your employer has posted a listing of at least six approved medical professionals in a location that is visible to all employees,
  • Your employer provided you with written notice that one of the approved providers must provide treatment , and
  • You acknowledged, in writing, the listing of chosen providers at the time of hiring and after reporting the workplace injury.

When the above scenarios apply, you must see a provider listed by your employer. If you fail to do so, your employer and the insurance company providing them with coverage does not have to pay your medical expenses. While you can choose your own doctor, you will likely be responsible for paying the bills yourself for the first 90 days. While your employer can refuse to pay for medical treatment during this time, they cannot prohibit you from seeing a doctor of your choosing.

When Can You Choose Your Own Doctor? 

If your employer has not approved certain medical providers, or has not provided a list of them, you can receive treatment from any doctor you choose. Additionally, if your injury is an emergency and requires immediate treatment, you can visit the nearest emergency room or hospital. Once you have received urgent care, you must see a doctor on your employer’s approved list.

You are only required to see a doctor on the approved list for the first 90 days after your first doctor’s visit. After that time, you can receive medical treatment from any medical provider of your choosing.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Lehighton Can Protect Your Rights 

After suffering a workplace injury, you may have a lot of questions about how to move forward. At The Law Office of Kim M. Gillen, P.C., our Lehighton workers’ compensation lawyer can advise you of the laws and rules that apply to your case so you obtain the full and fair benefits you justly deserve. Call us now at 484-613-0011 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorney and to get the information you need.



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