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Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Back Injuries in Pennsylvania?


Accidents and occupational illnesses are still a problem in the workplace in Pennsylvania, and you might be surprised to learn the part of the body that is most affected by them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the leading reason workers miss work due to injuries is because of conditions affecting the back and spine. In total, employees report more than 128,000 back injuries every year out of 1.176 million cases across the US. Back issues represent 11 percent, making them the most common single body part that suffers harm because of employment conditions.

Fortunately, back injuries are one of many different injuries and ailments covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws. Still, there are criteria that must be met by you as an employee. If you qualify, you may obtain monetary benefits to help you through difficult times. It is wise to trust a Lehighton workers’ comp attorney to guide you through the process, and review some answers to common questions about work-related back injuries.

Who is covered by Pennsylvania workers’ comp laws? While benefits for back injuries are available under Pennsylvania workers’ comp laws, you must also prove that you are eligible for them. To qualify:

You must be a true employee instead of an independent contractor.

You must have been performing job-related tasks within the scope of your employment when you suffered back injuries.

You must not have engaged in any misconduct which was the cause of your back injuries.

Note that workers’ comp is your exclusive remedy for on-the-job injuries, so you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer in court.

 What are the most common types of back injuries? The nature and severity of back injuries varies considerably, ranging from minor harm to trauma that severs the spinal cord. No matter what industry, employees frequently sustain:

  • Repetitive motion and exertion injuries;
  • Herniated and bulging spinal discs, i.e., the cushions between spinal vertebrae that provide cushioning for the bone tissue;
  • Other soft tissue injuries like whiplash, which primarily affects the neck but extends to the upper back;
  • Incomplete spinal cord injuries, where the victim still maintains some function and movement below the location of the trauma; and,
  • Complete spinal cord injuries, in which the cord is severed and the worker experiences varying levels of paralysis.

 What workers’ comp benefits can I recover for back injuries? You may obtain amounts for medical care, including hospitalization, surgery, and physical therapy. Benefits cover all treatment that is reasonable and necessary. Plus, you can recover wage replacement if you missed time from work. For employees with total or partial disability, you can also receive disability on a temporary or permanent basis.

Talk to a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer About Filing a Claim

The information above is useful, but you will have many additional questions if you suffered back injuries at work. For more details, please contact the Law Office of Kim M. Gillen, P.C. to set up a consultation. Our firm serves Carbon County in many workers’ comp matters, so we look forward to helping with your case.



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