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Benefits to Working Out Pennsylvania Divorce by Agreement


When many people think of divorce, they conjure up images of drawn-out court battles, contested hearings, and bitter fights among the parties and their attorneys. This drama may attract TV and film audiences, but the truth is that the spouses are able to reach agreement on many divorce-related topics. In fact, Pennsylvania divorce statutes encourage parties to compromise on the key areas of a divorce case. In your agreement, you can include provisions related to property division and alimony. Though you must keep in mind the child’s best interests, you can also agree on custody and visitation.

As you probably expect, working out a compromise will typically require both parties to give up some things in exchange for gains in other areas. Still, there are benefits to working out Pennsylvania divorce by agreement. When they consider them carefully, spouses may find a willingness to agree when they thought it was not possible. You should discuss specifics with your Lehighton divorce lawyer, but a review of the advantages of settlement is helpful.

You Gain Certainty: When you discuss, negotiate, and reach a compromise on divorce-related issues, they become part of a binding agreement. You know the outcome of the divorce proceedings because you consented to it. There is no chance that you could “lose,” which is the risk you take if you go to court. By litigating the issue, there is always the possibility that the judge or jury will not agree with your position.

 Create Your Own Solution: Pennsylvania divorce laws dictate what happens with property division, alimony, and issues related to minor children. The judge looks at the facts, applies the strict laws, and makes a decision. When you work out an agreement, parties have flexibility to create a solution that works for your family and future.

 Faster Resolution: When you take a divorce issue to court, the case is a trial with legal arguments, calling witnesses, and presenting evidence. Litigation can take months, or even years for complex divorce cases. With a settlement, you can typically resolve disputes and finalize an agreement within weeks.

Preserve Parental Relationships: For parents of minor children, you could be dealing with your child’s other parent for years, even if only indirectly. When you agree on parental responsibilities and parenting time, there is no win-lose situation that creates bitterness and resentment. Many parents can interact politely and reasonably when they have worked together to create an agreement.

 Reduce Stress: Overall, not going to court for a judge to decide divorce issues will ease your anxiety about the process. You will not need to be deposed, take the witness stand, or worry about how the process affects children.

Schedule a Consultation with a Pennsylvania Divorce Attorney

The benefits of working out Pennsylvania divorce by agreement are worthwhile, and our Lehighton family lawyers at the Law Office of Kim M. Gillen, P.C. will guide you in negotiations. For additional information about settlement in divorce, please contact our location in Lehighton, PA. We can set up a consultation to discuss details.



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