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Avoid These Six Mistakes During Divorce


When going through a divorce, there is a lot to do, and many things to think about. During such an emotional time, you may also have to meet with your lawyer several times, and you may even be preparing for court. This is a hectic time, and it leads to many people making mistakes at some point during the process that can hurt them for years to come. Below, our Carbon County divorce lawyer explains some of the most common mistakes made, and how to avoid them.

Not Considering All Options 

You may assume that your divorce case will end up in court, but that is not necessarily true. In fact, the majority of cases settle outside of the courtroom. If you and your spouse can resolve all terms of the divorce, you can obtain an uncontested divorce. Even if there are disputes, mediation can help you reach an agreement without going to court. Both of these options will not only finalize your divorce case sooner, but they are also less expensive.

Not Considering the Tax Consequences

 There are a number of tax issues to consider during divorce. Some factors to consider include:

  • Name changes
  • Change of filing status
  • Address changes
  • Claiming dependents
  • Tax withholdings
  • Tax deductions
  • Taxes associated with retirement accounts

To minimize the tax consequences during divorce, and to make sure your taxes are filed properly and that you pay the accurate amount, it is important to speak to a financial professional.

Not Thinking of the Future 

For some people, it is difficult to start living life as a single person rather than a married couple, and it is important to prepare for the change. You will still have living expenses, but you will only have one income to pay for them. You may also have alimony or child support obligations post-divorce. It is important to set goals and create an action plan, which should include drafting a new budget.

Involving Your Children 

As they say, divorce is hardest on the children. While this is a difficult time for you and you need support, you should never go to your children for it, regardless of their age. This is a hard time for them, as well, and you need to be their support system. Additionally, the court may view involving the children as parental alienation, particularly if you speak badly about your spouse to them. This will ultimately hurt your case in the end and it can hurt your children, too.

Hiding Assets 

Marital property will be identified early in the process. If you hide, sell, gift, or transfer property in an attempt to protect it from property division, it will be discovered. The court takes an unfavorable view of hidden assets and it will hurt you in the end. You may be ordered to pay more alimony, or your spouse may be awarded a greater portion of marital assets.

Not Contacting a Divorce Lawyer in Carbon County 

Even if you and your spouse can agree to the terms of your case, it is still important to work with a Carbon County divorce lawyer. At The Law Office of Kim M. Gillen, P.C., our experienced attorney can help you negotiate an agreement that is fair and ensures your rights are upheld. Call us today at 484-613-0011 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.



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